Our Approach

Established in 1987, The Greenberg Group is the nation’s preeminent Real Estate Advisory Company, devoted exclusively to leading, growth-oriented retailers. The Greenberg Group brings a sophisticated level of Strategic Planning, Market Research, Site Selection and Deal Negotiation.

Through the implementation of their own proprietary demographic technologies and in-depth market analysis, The Greenberg Group reviews consumer trends with client performance, reveals the common links between their most successful stores and then targets the most potentially productive markets and sites for future growth.

The Greenberg Group deals with developers and leasing agents throughout the U.S. Once a site is analyzed and approved, we negotiate the best possible transaction on behalf of our clients. We execute more than 100 deals per year with all major landlords throughout the country. Our team has been traveling extensively for the past 25 years, and has gained an intimate knowledge of every major retail property in the United States.

Our Methodology Is Focused On Four Key Areas of Analysis

In Depth Analysis

  • For each client we build a customized Performance Model, which can forecast their Sales, Contributions and a Return on Investment.
  • Our sales forecasting has been within 3.7% accuracy over the past three years.

Strategic Planning

  • Understanding Our Clients and Their Expansion Goals
  • Identify Target Customer
  • Select the Optimum Markets
  • Negotiate the Most Favorable Economics for Each Transaction

Market Research

  • Our in-house Market Research Department performs both quantitative and qualitative analysis utilizing the firm’s highly advanced and proprietary demographic and financial software.
  • The development of a long term strategic expansion program that emphasizes company profitability.
  • Sales Forecasting of new stores is performed with both Regression Analysis and Analogue Models.

Market Reports

  • A detailed Market Report is prepared and tailored for each client on all proposed locations within markets.
  • In-depth look at the area including co-tenants, hotels, universities, offices, transportation and access.